We are a young company and are developing a cow monitoring system that helps milk producers to manage the herd more efficiently. Through the use of our system, dairy farmers can easily automate health control and animal observation. Diseases and production-relevant events are recognized earlier and appropriate measures can be initiated in a targeted manner. Ultimately, the improved health of the herd results in a lower replacement costs and higher milk productivity.


High milk yielding cows place the highest demands on health and fertility management. In our stables, therefore, a new era begins in which the use of new technologies is required to work with the cows more efficiently. Our sensor based cow monitoring system relies on a rumen sensor inserted into the rumen of the cow for permanent use. The latter continuously calculates and stores all the data necessary for assessing the health status of the cow and provides it to the decision-makers at the dairy farm. This means that the herd manager and, if desired, also the veterinarian are always up-to-date on the state of health of their cows, and can take appropriate measures at an early stage.

As soon as deviations from animal-specific normal values occur, the herd manager is informed. Actions initiated in time, such as the adjustment of the feed ration, are generally carried out more rapidly and more cost-effectively than expensive treatments of cows with acute disease symptoms. The sooner deviations and alarms are leading to actions, the faster the cows will return to stable milk yields. Improving the state of health not only increases animal welfare, but also increases the lifetime performance of dairy cows. Via continuous recording of body temperature and movement activity the cow monitoring system allows accurate heat detection. The improved heat detection reduces calving intervals as well as insemination costs and thus ultimately increases the average herd milk production of your cows.

Supported by the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health, Woman and Family of the state of Brandenburg with funds of the European Social Fund, the European Regional Development Fund and the state of Brandenburg.